Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Growing Potatoes Indoors: The Final Results

Well,  it turns out our Indoor Potato Growing Experiment was, as my older kids like to say, an "epic fail."  We planted, we watered, we waited, we watered some more, and we waited some more. And THIS is all we ended up with when we dug them up:

Sad, no? We've always done well with our outdoor garden potatoes, and while I wasn't sure of exactly what to expect with our indoor experiment, I did expect that our results would be better than this. I'm not sure exactly where we went wrong. Did we not give them enough space? Did we not give them enough time? Maybe not enough sunlight? Hmmm. We do plan to do further research, and to try this experiment again sometime.

But in the meantime... we are VERY focused on getting the OUTDOOR garden ready for the season! I usually try to have everything in the ground by mid-May. I'm a little bit behind schedule this year, but I am plugging along, getting out there every chance I get. Sometimes those chances are just 10-15 minutes here or there, but it's all adding up, and the garden is slowly taking shape. I will post photos of our progress, soon!

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