Sunday, April 13, 2014

This Week's Homemade Pizza...

I am not a picky eater at all. I love to try new things, new flavors, new cuisines. One food that I do have a slight aversion to is mushrooms. Funny thing is, I don't mind the ~taste~ of mushrooms, and if they're chopped up fine I actually enjoy their earthy flavor. But the texture of a mushroom? Ugh. That rubbery, chewy texture just wigs. me. out. I absolutely cannot eat a mushroom. No way, no how.

This causes a little bit of a culinary rift in our house, as the man LOVES mushrooms. To keep him happy, I try to toss a few mushrooms in his direction now and then. Which brings us to last night's Homemade Pizza, which I call The His-n-Hers Pizza, with mushrooms on just one side:

Pizza with vegan cheese, peppers, onions, arugula,
sliced garlic cloves, olives (and mushrooms on one side)
Last night was an extra-special Pizza Night. Not only did The Man get a mushroom fix, but it was also the first night that the weather cooperated enough for us to eat our pizza out on the patio, by the fire pit. It was a beautiful night where we live, and it was so nice to be outside, watching the sun set over the lake, and listening to fire crackling.
Glass of wine, crackling fire, pretty lake and good company.
(Only thing to make it better would be to have plants and
flowers growing in the yard and planters... soon, I hope!)

Sun setting over the lake behind The Homestead.

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