Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DIY: Restored Vintage Porch Swing

Over this last long weekend, we took advantage of the extra time off to get caught up on some of the home projects we've been meaning to get to. One of these projects was restoring an old metal porch swing, and creating a cozy sitting area in a little nook of our patio.

This swing was originally on the porch of the house The Man lived in while he was growing up. We don't know the exact age of the swing, but when The Man was a boy, in the 1970's, the swing was already old... so we're guessing it's probably from the '40's or 50's. Unfortunately, it's been a bit neglected in recent years, so it really needed a face lift. The various layers of paint were all lumpy and cracked, and it had some rusty spots.

The first step was to remove as much of the lumpy old paint as possible. This was no easy feat! The Man took on the bulk of this unpleasant task... sanding, paint remover, scraping, more sanding. The goal was to get it as smooth as possible before we repainted it.
 Next, we gave it a good scrubbing with some soapy water, a scrub brush and some rags.

Finally, it was time to paint! We chose some cheerful yellow Rustoleum spray paint, to protect this old beauty from the elements. The color is called "Summer Squash" and I just love it. So sunny and pretty! A few coats and it looked brand new! In fact, it looked so brand new that the little plastic table we had looked really shabby by comparison, so we spray painted that, too.

When it was all dry, I added some inexpensive cushions that I found at Christmas Tree Shops, and a throw pillow we already had. We finished off the sitting area with a little throw rug and a funky old mirror, which we also had already.

Quiet, cozy sitting area, in the corner of the patio.

Since most of what we used was stuff we already had (including the paint remover, left over from another project) this whole brand new sitting area only cost about $57. Don't you just love a bargain? ;)

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