Monday, May 26, 2014

Onion, Arugula, Garlic and Tomato Pizza (and a "Back Porch Date")

Our back porch
Know what's even better than Pizza Night? Pizza Night on a long weekend! Knowing we still had two more days off made our Saturday Night all the more relaxing. The Man and I had one of our Kitchen Dates this week, except that we had it on the back porch instead, because it was such a beautiful evening. So... Back Porch Date? Either way, a date is a date, and it was wonderful. We feel very lucky to have a lovely screened-in porch on our house, which has a nice view of trees and a lake. Sitting out there is like being on vacation right here at home. During the warm months of the year, the back porch is our favorite "room" of the house. 

But I digress... back to the pizza! Since we'd had a very a busy day of yard work and gardening (more on that later!) I decided to keep this week's pizza on the simple side. Just some tomato basil sauce, some red onions, arugula, garlic slices, sliced tomatoes and Teese  vegan mozzarella "cheese" on a multigrain crust (not homemade... bought the dough from Whole Foods)

I've been on a garlic kick lately. I love me some garlic, and lucky for me, so does The Man. If you are a garlic fan, too, I highly recommend thinly sliced garlic on pizza. I just slice peeled garlic cloves and toss them with a bit of olive oil and put them on the pizza before baking. As the pizza cooks, the garlic softens and mellows and OMG it's so good!

Fresh from the oven!
As mentioned above, we've spent a lot of this weekend working on some yard and garden projects. I'll be sharing some of those with you later this week, but for today, the family and I are going to wrap up this long weekend with a hike at a local reservation this morning, some more yard work this afternoon, and then some veggie burgers out by the fire pit tonight. 

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