Monday, November 24, 2014

The Importance of Weekends

It has been our practice for quite some time now to "schedule" down time into our calendar. In our busy lives, it's very easy to find ourselves always on the go, and if we don't take the time to recharge, renew and refresh, we will burn out. We have usually been pretty good about keeping our weekends as clear as we can for family time, household projects, and just chillin' out. I don't mind being busybusybusy during the week, if it means we get some downtime on the weekends.

As the kids are getting older, this is becoming a bit of a challenge, however, as their schedule of activities often involves weekend commitments. This weekend it was to the extreme, and I'm feeling the effects of that quite a bit. On Friday, we had back-to-back commitments from early morning until early evening, and we didn't even end up getting dinner on the table until 7 (late for us, as we usually eat between 5:30-6) Saturday was spent running around doing the errands we usually do on Fridays, as well as shlepping the kids to events and activities which didn't end until 10pm. Sunday was a little less hectic, though we were still pretty busy. The craziness of the weekend has me starting off this Monday feeling behind and a bit cranky. I'm behind on laundry, the kids didn't do any of their chores this weekend, and I have a list of household tasks that I didn't get around to this weekend, either. Most of all, I missed having our usual relaxing Saturday Night Pizza Night, which seriously renews my Spirit each week. I definitely feel like I'm starting this week on the wrong foot.

Clearly, having crazy busy weeks followed by crazy busy weekends that lead into crazy busy weeks does not work for us. The question is... what to do about it? I love that my kids are active and have a good network of friends and interesting things to do. But, as a family, we need time to just BE sometimes. Being constantly on-the-go is not consistent with the Simple Life we're striving for. So how to find the balance? This is definitely something we'll be working on. It feels extra important to be conscious of this as we are entering the busy holiday season.

For now, I'm looking forward to getting this week back on track. It's a short week, with all of our commitments ending by Wednesday afternoon. We can then begin our Thanksgiving holiday! It will be a quiet one for us. I'll be cooking up a nice vegan Thanksgiving feast, and we'll enjoy some peaceful quality time together.

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