Thursday, December 11, 2014

Decking the Halls

Handmade wreath, on our front door.
I really enjoy decorating the house for all the guests who come through during the holiday season. I love making our home festive and welcoming, especially when it's cold, dark and dreary outside. My style of decorating tends to be "natural" and "rustic" which, in addition to looking nice is also a pretty cheap way to decorate. Most of what we use to fancy up our home for the holidays we either made or found outside. There are a few store-bought things we've  either inherited or otherwise collected over the years, and this year I did spend $3 on some craft-store berries (50% off!) and about $8 on some burlap ribbon (which I bought because the kids didn't feel like doing popcorn and cranberry strings this year.) And, of course, we bought our tree from a tree farm. Here's how it all turned out this year...
On the mirror, a rustic twig star. On the mantle, candles (formerly residing inside
the fireplace) pine cones,a jar of evergreens, twigs and berries, artificial garland with
berries tucked in, and star-shaped stocking holders. Inside the fireplace, our symbolic
Yule logs, lit up with twinkle lights. Next to the fireplace, a basket of seasonal books.
A closer look... 

On the coffee table... a pitcher of found greens and twigs, dressed up with some
craft-store berries,a few candles and a plant saucer full of pine cones.
We have an assortment of mostly handmade ornaments on our tree... such as salt-dough ornaments made by the kids, some pine cone ornaments, twig stars, dried citrus slices and paper snowflakes.

This one's not handmade... but how cute is he?!

 A wee bit of festiveness by the front door...

Holiday cards, some greens and a "peace" sign (purchased
from a dollar bin, years ago) and our Kindness Tree.

I made this card holder from stuff we had around the house.
"how-to" coming soon... 

On our piano... 
Greens, pine cones and pomander balls They smell wonderful!

The kids are currently in the process of decorating the playroom on their own with our small artificial tree, and whatever else they're digging out of the basement. Can't wait to see how that turns out! Our final bit of decorating will happen as it gets closer to Solstice... we'll add more greens and candles throughout the house in preparation for our Solstice Feast.

Meanwhile... we've got some holiday shopping and wrapping to do! My goal is to try to have all the done, and the packages going out of state mailed, before the 20th. Fingers crossed it actually happens that way! ;)

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