Monday, March 30, 2015

Carmelized Red Onion and Olive Pizza

 I'm a little late in getting this post up, because we had another busy weekend with another full day of Maple Sugaring yesterday... But I'm sitting down to write this up now, because, you guys... this pizza... so good! Here's what how it came about:

We had a little bit of red wine left, that was a bit too old for drinking, but like any sensible person, I can't stand to see good red wine go to waste! So, I was telling The Man of the House that I'd have to cook something with wine in it soon  (Some mushrooms, maybe? Some pasta sauce?) And then The Man made the suggestion that inspired this pizza... "Maybe you could cook some onions in it?"

And so it went. I sliced up some red and yellow onions, and slowly cooked them in a bit of olive oil over low heat until they were soft and sweet. Next I added a touch of salt, and then deglazed the pan with the Pinot Noir, cooking for a few more minutes.

For the rest of the pizza, I used a ball of Whole Foods wheat pizza dough for the crust (I prefer their Multigrain, but they were out) On top of the stretched dough, I spread on a layer of cashew cheese. Next I added the onions, a bit of wilted spinach and some deliciously salty imported Spanish olives, which really complemented the sweetness of the onions quite nicely.

Lately we'd been sticking to more "traditional" pizzas (red sauce, peppers, onions, vegan mozzarella, etc) so this was a very nice change of pace. It won The Man of the House's seal of approval... he requested that I make this again, soon!

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