Sunday, April 10, 2016

Before and After: Recycling Center

In a most embarrassing display of gender stereotyping, the trash and recycling in our home is the job of the two oldest men in the house. I generally try to stay as far away from this job as possible, because, really, I have enough of my own chores to do, and that particular one is my least favorite (ok, maybe second-least-favorite, after cleaning the cat boxes!)

But... the state of our recycling area in the basement had gotten to the point where I simply HAD to intervene. Seriously. It was a disaster. Did it serve the purpose, which is to contain the recycles until trash day? For the most part, yes. But was it nice to walk by and see? Not at all.

Now, I really would have loved to buy nice bins and really make the area pretty, but... since it's in an unfinished area of our basement and not in the main house, it didn't really seem like it was really worth it to spend good money on this project, so I just made do with what we already had. This means it's not exactly "Pinterest worthy" or anything... but I do think it's definitely tidier and the space is being used more efficiently.

Here is the "Before" photo:

See? Not very pretty, with everything just sort of shoved into the corner in the basement. There is also a door to the right, which sometimes gets blocked a bit by the overflow... not very efficient. I wanted this stuff to take up less space, and look a little bit more organized. 

 And now... AFTER:

To help keep the door from being blocked, I decided to use the walls to get some of the stuff up off the floor and out of the way. While it's not the prettiest, it's definitely a huge improvement from before. Just for fun, I hung up and old "No Trespassing" sign we had lying around. And who knows... maybe one of these days I will replace the bins and barrel with things that look nicer... but for now, I'm happy enough with this area. 

Since I've been working on organizing other people's homes, it's motivated me to take a look at a few slightly neglected corners of own home, which has been a good thing. It's funny how it is... we all have these little spots in our homes that are cluttered or just plain not working for us, and we keep putting off doing anything about them, because we think the job will be too big, or will take too long. In my experience, these areas can almost always be straightened with much less time and effort than we think. This recycling area, which has been driving me nuts for literally YEARS was redone in just about 45 minutes. 45 minutes?! Why on Earth didn't I do it sooner?? 

So here's my little challenge for you... find a little spot in your home that you've been neglecting, and just DO IT. I bet you'll be glad you did!

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