Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How to Make Beard Oil

I happen to be in love with a man who has a really great beard. Yes, I know... I AM very lucky! :) Sometime in the last year or so, I started making him some homemade beard oil... he loves it because it keeps his beard and face soft, smooth and neatly groomed. I love it because it smells wonderful, and makes him look even more handsome than usual. ;)

There are lots of beard oils on the market that you can buy, but y'all know how I roll... why buy it if you can make it?! It's really easy to do... the basic ingredients of beard oil are a carrier oil, vitamin E oil, and a blend of essential oils. That's it. You can use pretty much any essential oils you want... this is entirely personal preference. I try to pick ones that not only smell good, but are also beneficial to the skin. The Man tends to prefer spicy, woodsy, citrus scents, so I generally stick with those, and steer clear of anything flowery. I experimented a lot in the first few batches I made, until I settled on a blend I really liked. One important thing, though... make sure you use a good brand of high quality oils... I use Young Living brand for this, but any good therapeutic-grade oils are fine.

Here's my recipe:

Homemade Beard Oil 

3 oz carrier oil (I usually use a mix of jojoba and sweet almond oil)
25 drops cedarwood oil
18 drops tea tree oil
6 drops orange oil
1 drop cinnamon oil
little drizzle of pure vitamin e oil

Combine all the oils into a dark dropper bottle and shake up to mix. To use, place a few drops in your hand and rub through beard and into the skin under your beard, then comb or brush beard into place.

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