Sunday, May 5, 2013

Family Time: A Spring Hike!

This time of year is quite busy for our family! Little League season, dance recital season, lots springtime activities with our homeschool group keep us going almost non-stop. In spite of our best efforts to keep our schedule from getting too overwhelming, (a popular topic, for me!) we often end up with a month or so here and there where we seem to have a LOT of obligations on our time. But when things get this hectic, it becomes even more important to schedule in some quality "downtime" wherever and whenever we can squeeze it in! Yesterday, we realized we had NOTHING on the calendar... not even baseball! We seized the opportunity, and had a perfect Family Day. We started with a big pancake breakfast, made by Ladybug. Then we puttered about the house, enjoying the fact that we didn't have to RUSH to get anyplace. After lunch... the highlight of our day... a gorgeous spring hike at a local reservation!

Noodle, Monkey and Ladybug, enjoying the view
Hiking is a favorite activity for our family. We love to be outside, and we like to stay active. I also love that it's something we can do together as a family, that costs absolutely nothing! We are very lucky to live near some great hiking places. There are several parks and reservations within a short drive of our home. Yesterday's trail was a 4 mile hike on rocky terrain which gave us lots of beautiful views. We were out for about two and a half hours, but it was such a beautiful day that it felt much shorter! We came home tired, but happy, and wrapped up our day with some homemade pizza and a family movie. BLISS, I tell you.

Today we're back to business as usual... Monkey's got a baseball practice this morning, and then we've got some household projects to tend to, and some stuff to do to prepare for the work/school week... but after our nice "Day Off" yesterday, we are refreshed and ready for whatever the week may bring.

Next post: a Garden update!

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