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About our family... 

(updated Dec 2014)

We are a modern American blended family, doing our best to live an old fashioned, simple life. Our free time is spent tending our garden, reading lots of books, hiking, and adding more logs to our fire pit. We wish that we lived on a farm, but since we don’t, we just make do with our little house in the suburbs. Our favorite place to be is here, at The Homestead.

The Mama: Mama is a wanna-be country girl, who many say was born in the wrong era. She loves spending her days homeschooling, writing, cooking, and taking care of her family. She also loves gardening, reading, knitting, hiking, art, and being a Mama. 

The Man of The House (aka The Man): Mama’s Soul Mate, who stands by and supports her in all her crazy ideas (including this one!) He loves camping, watching football, music, reading and spending time with his family.

Together, The Mama and The Man of the House have five beautiful children!  How Blessed are we?! Three of the children were brought to the family by The Mama, and two were brought to the family by The Man. They are:

Ladybug,  Age 15. Bright, creative, sometimes very serious. The Mama’s first born. Loves to read, cook, sew, dance and make miniature models. She is also the designated family bug-catcher.

Monkey, Age 13. If you are at our house and you hear a loud noise followed by a blur going by, that’s our Middle Boy.  His favorite things are reading, legos, super heroes, dancing, theater and drawing.

Noodle, Age 10. The baby of the family, and our bright, shining star. Aspergers Syndrome sometimes makes things challenging for him, but along with the difficulties he also has many gifts. He knows everything there is to know about cars. No, really… everything!

Shutterbug, Age 17: Our Big Boy, a lacrosse-playing, swimming, skateboarding photographer who now towers over The Mama and his dad, The Man of The House. He lives with his mother in another state most of the time, but stays here at The Homestead some weekends and school vacations.

Flutterby Age 15. Our other blur of non-stop motion! Loves animals, dragons and drawing. Along with her brother, she also lives in another state with her mother most of the time, but stays here at The Homestead some weekends and school vacations.

We also share our home with four cats...  Felicia, Willow, Gilligan and Murphy.

In this blog, Mama shares her favorite tips for living simply, frugally, naturally and intentionally.

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