Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Exciting Chaos!

As I mentioned here before, we are in the midst of some major lifestyle changes here at the Homestead. This week, everything is starting to come together, rather all at once. Chaos! Exciting chaos, but chaos still.

Ready for the Party
1. We are down to the very last week of running the daycare, as the last of our young charges will be heading off to Preschool. We're currently wrapping up the business, and all that entails (much of it boring paper-work-type-stuff) But one fun thing...  tomorrow we are having a little "Time for Preschool" party for
our little ones, to send them on their way. There will be cupcakes!

Murphy helped us paint
the new chalkboard wall
2. We are preparing to change the house around, turning the two daycare rooms into a much-needed playroom for the kids and a home office for me! It's going to be great to gain two whole rooms in our house, practically doubling our living space on the main floor of our house. We already did a bit of repainting and such when we were on "staycation" last week. Of course there will be photos and a big reveal here on the blog when it happens, probably sometime next week.

 3. We are getting ready for another year of Homeschool for my kiddos! I've got the homeschool cabinet mostly set up and organized, books have been ordered and supplies have been purchased. Ladybug is doing Duel Enrollment at a local community college, and we've signed up for some homeschool classes. I am also preparing to teach an art class for 9-13 year olds in the fall, which I'm very excited about.

4. I'm working on some writing stuff! Slow going, with everything else going on. But I'm trying to keep on keepin' on.

5. The Man is working on his next career move... exciting stuff happening there, too!

So many things started, not a lot finished, but it's all good. Loose ends will wrap up soon, and then the next chapter begins in earnest. Onward and upward!

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