Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sharing is Caring

Some silly fun with friends... Turning the
Three-legged Race into a Five-Legged Race!
Last Friday we had the most WONDERFUL Community Thanksgiving with our Homeschool group. All the families contributed traditional homemade dishes and gathered together to decorate the room, play games, talk, and share a delightful feast together. We all had a great time, and many wonderful memories were made. We feel so lucky that events like this are a regular part of our life, and we know we are truly Blessed to have so many amazing friends to share in this homeschooling journey. Whenever people give me that "You homeschool? But what about SOCIALIZATION?!" line, I always laugh, because my kids have a much more active social life than I ever did as a public school kid.

But the downside to all this socialization? Sometimes along with sharing food, friendship and fun, we also sometimes inadvertently share GERMS. About 30 or so hours after the party, at least 30 people, fully half of the party attendees, came down with a nasty tummy bug. My three kiddos were among those hit. I don't know what this bug was, exactly, but it was a strong one, to affect so many people. In our family, Noodle was the first, at 1:30am on Sunday... we were awakened by "that sound" that no parent wants to wake up to. By 10am the other two had it. Fortunately, the first two kids only threw up a couple of times then just slept it off. They were both fine in 8-12 hours. Monkey, on the other hand, continued to vomit for 13 straight hours. I brought him to the ER 6 hours in, and he ended up with an overnight hospital stay. It took two different anti-nausea meds and four bags of IV fluids to get him over the hump. This is  the second hospital stay for Monkey in less than a year. I had hoped after his bout with Norovirus in March we'd be done with hospitals for awhile, but no such luck. I'm now trying to heal his gut and boost his immune system with probiotics and vitamins. Fingers crossed we'll get through the winter without further incident.

After all this drama, we are getting back into the swing of normal life. Today we've got a busy day of classes, appointments and activities. I am grateful that we're all healthy, and able to do this stuff! Once we get caught up, I do have several posts I've been wanting to write, (about my indoor garden, and my new cold frame, my bird feeders, some recipes, and more!) and hopefully now that things are settling down I'll get to those, soon. Stay tuned! :)


  1. I'm glad that everyone is feeling better and that your family is back in the swing of things.