Saturday, January 4, 2014

Frozen Pipes!!

This here is a Public Service message type of blog post. See, the Northeast, where we live, has been hit with a brutal cold snap (and a big snow storm) which we, unfortunately, were ill-prepared for. We ended up with some frozen, damaged pipes. We spent about 36 hours trying to fix things, but finally ended up getting a plumber in.  He was here for almost three hours, and I have a feeling I'm probably going to cry when I see his bill.

The Man and I are putting this into the category of Lesson Learned. We will now take these Winter Weather Warnings seriously, and we WILL properly prepare our home and ourselves for such things.

Here is a handy little guide to preventing and thawing frozen pipes, from the American Red Cross:


  1. Oh dear! Looks like you were a bit inconvenienced by those frozen pipes. I hope you did not have to shell out a lot for that plumber. Frozen pipes are really inconvenient for any household, as they just simply stop the water flow and water is a basic to our everyday lives. You can still consider this as a lesson to be a bit more prepared the next time, though.

    Mark R @ Pure Plumbing Service

  2. Thank you for relaying that public service message! That announcement was very timely, since a lot of people will surely be scratching their heads over frozen pipes this winter. I hope the lessons you've learned from this American Red Cross guidelines will come very handy in preventing frozen pipes and any other winter-related plumbing problems you might encounter for that matter. Cheers!

    Martha Ward @ Son-Rise Plumbing