Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Season Board and Nature Shelf… Autumn

Back in August, I showed you our DIY Nature Shelf project. At that time, our shelf was scattered with beach rocks and seashells, summer flowers and a robin's egg shell. But as the season has changed, our shelf has changed, too. The special treasures of late summer have been tucked away to make room for things of early fall and now mid-fall. As we are out and about on our daily adventures, we collect pretty things to add to our shelf. Noodle has especially enjoyed collecting acorns this year! A few times I have found a few in his pockets at the end of the day, which always makes me smile. Here is what our shelf looked like as of this morning:
On our shelf: Colorful leaves, preserved in beeswax (see note below); a small bowl of acorns; an unusual rock; a jar of mums, snipped from our plant outside and a cute little pumpkin.

Note about the leaves on the shelf: the how-to for this project can be found here.

I love the way the shelf changes day to day, depending on what we find! But always it is a reflection of what we have been experiencing out in nature, brought inside to enjoy. Each item has a memory attached.

Here is the whole wall where the shelf is, with our Season Board, too. 

A close-up from the board: What Noodle thinks about when he thinks of Fall :)
 I really like this spot in our homeschool area... It reflects the way our lives change along with the seasons, and it just makes me happy!

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