Monday, November 5, 2012

Herb Wreath

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we had a HUGE herb harvest this year… plenty to dry for teas and cooking over the winter, with enough left over for some fun herb crafts! So after smudge sticks, Ladybug and I tried our hands at wreath-making.

There are a couple of ways you can do this project. The easy way is to buy a wreath frame from your local craft supply store, and just arrange your herb sprigs on that. But, I didn’t feel like purchasing anything new, so I decided to just work with what we had on hand: A pile of herbs (rosemary, sage and lavender) some scissors, and some florist wire.

 First, I made a small bunch of rosemary, and wrapped the end of the bunch together with florist wire. I added another bunch on top of the first, attaching the middle of the top bunch to the bottom of the first, so it overlapped. I kept doing this until it was long enough to loop around into the size wreath I wanted. Next, I secured the bottom of the last bunch under the first bunch, to make a nice circle. From there, I began to layer on some sprigs of sage in the same way, but just lashing them onto to rosemary. I finished by just tucking in sprigs of sage and lavender until the wreath was nice and full. I thought about adding a little raffia bow, but decided that the herbs were pretty enough on their own. I love the way this wreath smells, and I love that all who come in our front door will be greeted with its delightful scent!

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