Sunday, September 22, 2013

DYI Project: Old Window=Wall Decor

So, when we were decorating our new kitchen, we ended up with a blank wall which really needed something hanging on it. We had already burned through our budget, so we didn't want to spend money buying something to hang there. So... Ladybug and I decided it was DIY time!

We happen to have a bunch of old windows on hand, saved from when we put in some replacement windows a while back. We pulled out one we liked, then we dug out a few old hooks we had in the basement. We also got some screws and some picture hanging wire. Then we got down to business! (Or rather... Ladybug did, while I took pictures!)

First she cleaned the dust and grime off the window...
it was pretty dirty from sitting in storage for a couple of years.

Next, she flipped it over, and put in some screws and wire, for hanging.

Next, she installed a few old hooks in random places.
We thought they might come in handy when it's time to dry our herbs this fall. 

Then, we hung it up, and finished it off with some sticks and dried hydrangeas from the yard. 

There is nothing fancy about this project, but that's one of the things I love about it! I've seen a lot of different projects using old windows, which involve painting, or adding pictures, shelves, etc... but I just adore the look of old windows, and I think they are just beautiful on their own. The other cool thing is that it was made of things we already had around the house, so it didn't cost anything to make, AND... it was simple enough that a 13-year-old was able to do it on her own. 

Also... see those gourds on the table?? We got those yesterday, at the farm... the first little bit of AUTUMN in the house! Fall officially begins at 5pm today! I do love Autumn in New England. Next post will be all about our Harvest Feast, to celebrate the Equinox.

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