Monday, September 2, 2013

Our New Homeschool Area

We are currently entering the ninth week of our all-consuming kitchen renovation, which I mentioned in the last post. At this point, we are ~thisclose~ to being done. We're getting down to the details now… finishing up some trim painting, hanging curtain rods, bringing up all the kitchen stuff that’s been stored in the basement and starting to load up the cabinets. All of the appliances are hooked up except for the dishwasher, and that should happen in the next two days (Thank Goodness! Because I've missed my dishwasher more than anything!) I will be posting pics of the whole, finished kitchen, soon!

With all this kitchen business going on all summer, I pretty much lost all track of time, and realized the end of last week that September (and thus, the official start of our Homeschool Year) was mere days away! And all of our school stuff was still packed in the basement! So… I set about focusing on the Homeschool area of our kitchen, hoping to get it all set for us to start school this coming Wednesday. We made a trip to IKEA for storage stuff, brought all our stuff up from the basement, and made trips to Staples and Lakeshore Learning to gather the last of our needed supplies for the year. I am happy to announce that as of yesterday, our newly-renovated Homeschool Area is finished!

I am SO happy with how this all came out! The kitchen renovation gave us SO much more space in this area! (See this post, for what it looked like before!) We have room for all of our stuff, and I love that we now have doors on our storage shelves, to keep things looking tidy. We used the IKEA Billy Bookcase system, because it is cheap, yet sturdy. We made this corner unit using two towers, two bookcases, two half-doors and three full doors(solid on the bottom, glass on top). We added our own knobs, to give it a more traditional look. The white boxes and magazine files were purchased at IKEA (KASSETT boxes with lids, and KASSETT magazine files) but all the other storage baskets, jars, boxes, etc were things we already had.

Next post… I will give a tour of how we have it all organized!

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