Sunday, September 21, 2014

Room Reveal: The New Living Room!

At long last... we're ready to reveal our new living room! As I mentioned last post, we have had all sorts of snags and challenges getting this room put together. As a result, it was not quite the frugal redo we'd hoped for. Oh well. But it could have been MUCH worse, so we're just going to focus on the positive, which is that we now have a nice new comfortable room to relax and entertain in. 

Here's an overview of what went into this room:
  • Stripped off old wallpaper (a nightmare of a task... so glad that's over!)
  • Repaired, primed and painted walls a soft gold. Took two tries, as the first color was more bright mustard yellow than soft gold. Lesson learned: always do a test patch, and do not rely on the tiny paint chip to give you a true idea of how the color will look on your wall. 
  • Rug brought up from basement. 
  • Faux fireplace updated
  • New sofa, chairs and curtains purchased at Ikea
  • Ceiling fan and light fixture from Home Depot
  • Old knob and tube wiring replaced by electrician
  • New pillows purchased at Homegoods and Christmas Tree Shops
  • Cushions purchased from
  • Candles purchased from Homegoods
The rest was stuff we had already. Much of what is in this room are family heirlooms and special things I've collected over the years. I enjoy being surrounded by this eclectic assortment of the "this and that" of life. 

And now... for pictures!

Here is the alcove by the front door. This chest belonged
to my paternal grandmother, and the doily was crocheted
by my maternal grandmother. The twigs and hydrangea
are from our garden, and the painting is from when I had
fun "pain night" with some friends. 

 New chairs, from Ikea, with anantique side table in between.
 My sister found this table in the trash about 25 years ago.
My knitting basket sits in front. The coffee table has kicked
around my home in various rooms for a good many years.

On the left, Ikea Ektorp sofa, with my old antique china cabinet in the corner.
The cabinet is filled with my grandmother's tea cup collection, and my great
grandmother's collection of pink depression glass. 

Another photo of the Ikea chairs. I really do like the texture
they bring to this room, and I love how they take up less
space than upholstered chairs would.

I love my new sofa! Ikea is the best. Cheap, pretty and comfy. On the floor
next to the sofa is an old piece of driftwood that the cats like to use as
 a scratching post. 

The fireplace wall. Many of the antique books on the shelves belonged to my
grandfather. The serving pieces on the mantle were my grandmother's, and the
wine bottle with twigs was from my recycle bin. The assortment of candlesticks
 and candles were a big splurge purchase, from Homegoods. Some were
 on clearance, some were not, but I do love the way the fill the fireplace area.

The piano wall and the front door. Still working on this area, as I would like to
accessorize the piano a bit more. I would like something on the right of the piano,
to balance out my fabulous thrift shop monkey lamp on the left. The large
antique painting was given to me by a friend many years ago. 

I especially like the way this room looks in the evening...

I don't really consider this room "done" as I know it will continue to be a work in progress. But for now, I'm enjoying being in this space, and I look forward to getting the chance to spend time this room with family and friends. 

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