Monday, February 2, 2015

Indoor Garden, Update!

Our backyard, this morning. Much more
snow has fallen since this was taken!
Would you believe we're having ANOTHER snow day today? We've already gotten about a foot of snow so far, and it's still falling. This is on top of the nearly two feet we got last week! While I always enjoy a day off from our regularly scheduled life, all this snow ~is~ getting a bit tedious. The worst part is that there's no place to put it! The snowbanks are so high! I will admit, that while might be inconvenient, it is very pretty.

So back in the fall, I talked about starting up an indoor garden.  Since we're home with the snow day, it seemed a good time to post an update on how this project was going. We have several places around the house where we're "Gardening" this winter. The main indoor garden area is in the basement:
Our basement "Garden"... potatoes, greens, peppers
(and some gardening supplies)

It's not pretty, but it works! We've got potatoes, greens, and peppers growing down here, at the moment.The grow light is the key to this whole setup. We tried growing potatoes once before. They sprouted fine, but the potatoes were teeny-tiny. I have heard that you do need good light to get good potatoes, so hopefully this year's crop will be better, now that we have the grow light.
Potato Shoots!
Arugula sprouts! We've been growing some nice
baby greens for salads: arugula and spinach.

In addition to the basement garden, we've also got a few things growing upstairs in the kitchen. On our big kitchen windowsill, we've had a potted herb garden, however that one has been a struggle, as the cats keep digging them up. I can't even take a photo of those right now, because currently all the pots are empty. Boo.

But then we also have this:
Did you know that you can re-grow scallions? Next time you pick up some scallions at the market,
try this: Cut off the green parts for your cooking, like you normally would. But don't throw away the root part! Place them roots down in a small jar, with about a half inch of water. In just a few days, they'll start sprouting up! You can just keep cutting off the tops, and they'll keep growing. How cool is that?! 

Since we've still got a good two months before I can even think about growing anything outside, I'm thinking about adding a few more things to our indoor garden. Since the scallions did so well, I'm thinking of trying leeks. I'm also thinking of trying some indoor carrots. As always, I'll post progress as it happens!

Meanwhile... stay warm and dry, friends! 

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  1. You inspire me! I just went and wrote a blog post to remind myself of my goals. I had hoped to start an indoor garden, but haven't started yet. I plan to go out and get some supplies once the driving is better and start my indoor garden soon. Thanks for inspiring me to work towards my goals and reminding me why I want to follow them.