Monday, December 17, 2012

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels!

 Look what we made this weekend! Some delicious chocolate-dipped pretzels! They are such fun to make, and they are great to give as gifts for the holidays. These are so easy to do, that even very young children can help.

We kept this project simple... we melted a milk chocolate and white chocolate in the microwave, and started dipping, using a spoon to make sure they were well-coated. Next, we just set them on parchment to set. Then, we made them "fancy" by drizzling the milk chocolate ones with white chocolate, and the white chocolate ones with milk chocolate. If you want, you could even add sprinkles to make them really festive. We chilled ours for a few minutes to make sure the chocolate was really well set, then we wrapped them up in cellophane bags from the craft store.

These are nice small treats to give to teachers, the mailman, etc. They also make a festive addition to larger treat baskets (maybe along with some homemade hot chocolate mix, too!)

We have several other projects in the works this week... Can you believe it's just one week until Christmas Eve?!

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