Monday, December 3, 2012

Pre-Christmas Busy-ness!

There hasn't been much blogging going on this past week or so, because we've been quite occupied with Pre-Holiday Preparations! This is the time of year when all of our "free" time is spent preparing for the Winter Holidays! We've been making lists of cards to send, gifts to make/buy, and things we'll need for our winter holiday celebrations. We've made wreaths for our front and back doors. We've been making lots of gifts... handmade candles, knitting and crocheting hats and scarves and such, and a few other fun projects. We've done some shopping (including purchasing our annual "Toys for Tots" donation) We've started wrapping. We've begun boxing up some outgrown things to donate. There are still many more gifts to make, menus to plan, and things to do. We try not to leave too much till last minute, as we like to make sure that the week leading up to Christmas is relaxed and fun. We like to spend that last week celebrating the Solstice, baking, and doing fun family activities.

In the coming days I will be posting about some of our projects in detail. I'm especially excited to share our adventure in beeswax candle making! It was our first time, and we really had fun with it! Until then... Happy Monday, everyone!

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