Sunday, December 9, 2012

Making Holiday Wreaths

So last post I shared our candle-making adventure, and I promised to tell about our wreath-making, as well. It's taken me a little while to get this post up, as I've been spending every spare moment knittingknittingknitting like a madwoman, to finish all the gifts I'm making in time for Christmas! But I promised myself I'd get the wreath post up before the end of the weekend, so here we go!

Our wreath-making supplies:
Evergreen branches, clippers, florist wire and ribbon.
I love making our own fresh evergreen wreaths for the holidays! Sometimes we make them fancy, using different types of greens and adding in some pinecones, faux berries, etc... and other times we keep them simple. This was one of the simple years. We just used some fraser fir branches which we'd cut from the bottom of our Christmas tree, and finished it up with a pretty bow. The process for making holiday wreaths is the same as for the herb wreaths we like to make, but on a larger scale! Greens can usually be found for free at many tree farms and lots. If you can't find any free greens, you might be able to find bundles of greens at garden centers this time of year. Any kind of evergreen will do... fir, spruce, pine, juniper, or a mix of a few. It's best to use branches which are fresh and soft, as they are easier to work with, and your wreath will last longer. Here is our front door wreath:
Happy Holidays!

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