Friday, May 16, 2014

Balancing Busy-ness

I love love love springtime, but MAN is this time of year busy! We're spending lots of time starting and tending the garden, there are end-of-homeschool-year fairs, field trips and activities, dance recitals, chorus concerts... as well as so many fun spring-time happenings that we just don't want to miss out on. 

With all these things happening, I'm trying hard to be mindful of how we're spending our time. I don't want to become so busy going from one thing to another that we forget to enjoy ourselves. I've written about this before (this post)  about adults, and this post, about kids schedules. So, once again I've been trying to prioritize and do what I can to keep our Family Calendar from getting out of control. One choice we did make as a family this Spring was for Monkey to skip doing baseball this season. It's something that has become a much bigger time commitment as he's gotten older (5-6 days a week, last year) and frankly, he's just not that into it anymore. Giving up baseball has removed A LOT of stress from our lives, and gives us more energy to put toward the other activities we are choosing to keep.

One of those activities is DANCE! Ladybug and Monkey are very involved in dance... she's been dancing since she was 3, and he's been dancing since he was 4. We took one year off, when my ex and I first separated, but I got them back into it as soon as I was able. And now this weekend they will be having their 10th and 8th recital! So I'll be cutting this post short, to get them out the door for this afternoon's rehearsal. 

But I'll be back! Because I've got some good stuff coming up (when I find the time!) Some recipes, a garden update, and maybe more... 

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