Monday, May 19, 2014


Recently, I was discussing making chickpea pancakes to accompany curry stew. I always called these just "chickpea pancakes," the name they had in the original recipe I found many years ago. They're made by mixing chick pea flour with salt, some spices and water into a batter, and then frying the batter into little pancakes. Well, then a friend of mine, Carolyn, informed me that this type of pancake is sometimes called Pudla, and you can fill them with veggies, for a delicious pancake/omelet type thingie to eat for breakfast.

I thought this sounded just like heaven on a plate! Why had no one ever told me about this before?! I looked up recipes online, but basically this blog by Kittee Berns seems to be THE blog for Pudla, as several other blogs link back to her recipes. I used her basic formula as a base, then for veggies I used red peppers, onion, tomato and spinach.

You guys. This stuff... OMG. So. Good. I served mine up with some roasted potatoes (yukon gold and sweet potatoes) and it was such hearty, filling breakfast. It's also pretty quick to throw together. The most time consuming part was chopping all the vegetables, and it would certainly be easy enough to chop everything the night before if you wanted it to be quicker to prepare for breakfast. And can we talk about how healthy this is? A big hearty serving of protein and fiber to start the day. It's a nice change of pace from our typical Sunday Tofu Scramble, and it's easy enough I could even throw one together on a weekday morning, if I'm feeling ambitious.
I plan to make a lot more of these. I think it will be fun to try out different combinations of veggies, and maybe even experiment with some different spices. I think Pudla will become a new staple meal in the Homestead kitchen! 


  1. Do you know what the difference between pudla and socca is?

  2. Hmm... well let's see... my understanding is that socca is just the chickpea batter, without the veggies? Also it's a regional thing... socca is French, I think... where pudla is Indian. Socca is similar to the "chickpea pancakes" I make to go along with indian-inspired stews and things, except I use Indian spices. Either way, it's all delicious! ;)