Sunday, July 27, 2014

Easiest Fancy Coffee EVER

You know how sometimes you discover a thing, and it's a small thing, but it just makes you SO HAPPY?! Well, this happened to me!

I LOVE coffee, but I am really terrible at making it. I've read how-to articles, I've talked to a former barista, and still, my coffee is mediocre at best. Because of this, I when I crave coffee I usually go out for one. But those coffees to go can really add up and put a dent in the wallet, , so that's not the best solution, either. Recently, someone told me about Trader Joe's cold brewed coffee concentrate, and I have to say this stuff is AWESOME. It's already brewed, so it's quick and perfectly delicious every time. 

It works great for just a regular ol' cup'o'joe, but sometimes I'm in the mood to treat myself to something special. My favorite special treat is a Mocha Latte. I start by pouring 1/4 cup of the coffee concentrate and 1/4 cup of water into my cup, then fill it up the rest of the way with unsweetened almond milk. Next I microwave it for two minutes, then I drizzle in a little bit of chocolate syrup. Total indulgence! In two minutes, flat. 

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  1. I love the cold brew from Trader Joe's too! Thanks for the mocha idea... definitely gonna do that soon!