Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sneak peak: New Project!

I am a big DIY kind of person. I get a huge amount of personal satisfaction when I can recycle old stuff into new, and create something useful where once there was none. These little projects come about in many different ways. Sometimes, we'll find an old object (like this old desk and this old window) which inspires us, or sometimes we'll have an issue that needs a solution, and we have to get creative to solve it.

My current project is a combination of these two things! First of all, I've been itching for a place to sew for YEARS. Currently, the only place to set up my sewing machine is on the kitchen table, which isn't so practical in our house, since our table is in constant use. This is most definitely not a problem of an urgent nature or anything, but having a little sewing spot would definitely make me happy. This desire for a sewing area jumped to the front of my mind a couple of weeks ago, when we were driving down the street and saw a vintage sewing machine table on the side of the road, with a big "FREE" sign on it. I had no idea where I'd put it, or if I could do the necessary repairs on it, but I knew I had to have it! So into the back of the van it went. It's now been sitting in various places around the house, while I figure out where it's going to live.

I finally decided that I'm going to turn an underused closet in our basement TV room into a mini-sewing room! Here are some "before" pics:
The basement TV room. The brown curtain on the right is the closet.
The view of the other side of the room.
Inside the closet.

The sewing machine "inspiration piece."
I'm hoping to get this finished up this weekend, and will post "after" pics as soon as it's finished. 

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