Monday, July 14, 2014

Super Easy DIY Memo Board

As part of my new sewing space, I really wanted an "inspiration board"... a place where I could pin up pictures of things I'd like to make. Since I was trying create my sewing space without spending any money, I had to make a board from stuff I already had around the house. I dug into my various art and craft supplies and pulled together a canvas, some funky vintage fabric, some ribbon, some buttons and some thumbtacks.

Here's how it went together: 

Cut a piece of the fabric so that it's a few inches bigger than the canvas
 on all sides. Lay the canvas face down on the fabric.

Wrap the fabric around the canvas snuggly, and secure in place with tacks.
Be careful to make the corners nice and neat. 

Next, lay strips of ribbon onto your wrapped canvas in whatever configuration
you like. I did mine in squares, but you can do diamonds or strips or whatever
you like. Secure the ribbons to the back with tacks. 
Once the ribbons are secure where you want them, sew
buttons where the ribbons intersect. 


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