Monday, March 10, 2014

Getting Fit?

I recently posted about my renewed dedication to getting back into shape. I've been very slowly working up to incorporating more exercise into my life. A few weeks ago, It was The Man's suggestion that I chronicle this journey here on the blog, so that maybe I might inspire others toward healthy changes, and keep myself accountable. I balked at this, at first, as it seemed too raw, too personal, too scary. I was afraid to really put myself out there like that, to show myself warts and all... and what if I fail? What if I get lazy (again) and fall off the exercise wagon? Well, I decided that if I do, that's OK. I'm human, and sometimes humans fail. And if I do fall off the wagon, I'll just get back on.

Ultimately, I feel like getting back into shape is a totally attainable goal for me, if I just stick with it. Just five years ago, I was healthy and fit, doing yoga several times a week and weighing in at about 115 lbs. Since then, my commitment to exercise has been spotty at best, and my weight has gone up and down, but as of now I am at my highest weight ever, and a good amount of the fat I've gained is right at my waist (or rather... where my waist used to be!) I have a family history of both heart disease and diabetes. We all know that belly fat contributes to heart disease, and excess weight can be a factor in Type 2 diabetes. I know that I am putting myself at risk for lasting health issues if I don't act now and make some changes. I don't really have a particular "goal weight" in mind. The numbers on the scale mean less to me that how I feel overall. However, I definitely would like to see a few inches come off my waist.
6am...  post-boot camp.
Tired, sweaty, but still
(barely) smiling.

This morning, I just completed my first "Fitness Boot Camp" class! It was really hard, but I feel good, and I'm looking forward to going back. It feels great to know that I am working my way back to a place where I will feel healthy, strong and fit.

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