Saturday, June 14, 2014

CSA 2014! First week!

Yesterday was the first week of our Farm Share! So excited! I really love that we live in a place where we have a good, affordable CSA program nearby. I love picking up our share each week. It's so fun to see what treats we'll get to take home!

Here's our share for the first week:

Kale, two heads of Boston lettuce, local honey, collard greens, spinach, radishes,
arugula, and pea shoots! We also got 2-6-packs of veggie plants for the garden,
as well as a fresh-baked cookie and a coffee (Noodle got the cookie, I got the coffee!)
So far, I've already made up some arugula pesto, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the rest of this yummy produce through the rest of the week!

For more info on CSAs, see this post.


  1. Hi Jenny, Lisa Bennett told me about your blog, it is wonderful. I also belong to a CSA and I love picking up my share every week. Would you mind if I share your blog with our CDHN providers? I have been working on minimalism for a year now and plan to try some of your recipes for cleaning products. Nancy LaFrance

  2. Thank you, Nancy! Yes, please do share with anyone you wish! :) I'd love to hear how the cleaning products work for you. I'm working on a new batch of citrus cleaner right now!