Saturday, July 14, 2012


I absolutely LOVE the idea of Community Supported Agriculture!  CSA is good for your family, because you get the freshest locally grown produce, the day it’s picked. It’s good for your community, because your dollars are supporting your local farmers.  It’s good for Mother Earth, because your food doesn’t need to be shipped from far away via trucks that burn fuel and pollute the air.  So you see, CSA is good for everyone!  

There are many local community farms all across the country which sell farm shares...there may even be one in your community! Cost varies from farm to farm, but generally speaking, you’ll find that the amount of produce you get for the money in a farm share is a better deal than you get from the grocery store.  Our share works out to about $27 a week, and we definitely get more than our money’s worth!

Here is our farm share for this week:
Carrots, huge head of lettuce, potatoes, beets, onion, a bag of peanuts, Swiss chard, zucchini, raspberries, cucumbers and green beans.
Between our farm share and our garden, we get almost all the produce we need, and have some leftover to freeze and can for winter! We have a large family, and veggies make up the bulk of our diet, so that’s sayin’ somethin’!  

Here is some good information about CSA and how to find one near you:

Next post, we’ll talk about making the most of all your Summer produce, with recipes for using carrot tops, beet greens and radish tops!

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