Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Garden

Cucumber, which share a bed with carrots, beets and annual herbs
Once upon a time, I lived in small apartment in a city, with no yard. I dreamed of having a garden, but I had to make do with a few pots of herbs on my kitchen windowsill. Some years later, I moved to a house in another city, which had a teeny tiny yard. Still I dreamed of having a garden of my very own, so I planted some tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in pots on my patio, and dreamed of the day when I would have a "real" yard and a "real" garden. In 2007 I moved to a house in the suburbs, this time with a yard, and I began to make the dream a reality. As of 2012, I now have seven 6x8 foot raised beds for various veggies, a 2x4 foot strawberry bed, a couple of new raspberry canes, two new blueberry bushes and a small perennial herb bed. My Garden provides food for my family, and brings me huge amounts of joy!
Cherry Tomatoes!

Peas, pole beans, with summer squash and zukes.

There is something about growing your own food, that is just so basic, so beautiful and so satisfying. I highly recommend it! Even if you have no space... start small. Even if all you can manage is a pot of basil on your kitchen windowsill, I promise you, you will be happier for it. I know I am!

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